Meditation upon Transcendental Sound (mantra) is the easiest and most sublime form of meditation that has been practiced since time immemorial and is especially recommended for modern times. Here, Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda explains how to deepen your meditation upon Transcendental Sound.

Just let this Transcendental Sound wash over your mind, your intellect, your body. And as you do so, your mind and intellect become purified more and more and you are able to directly experience perception, heart-to-heart perception of this Transcendental Sound. In other words, you are able to directly experience the presence of the Original Cause, The Supreme Person. You begin to directly experience and revel in and enjoy the nectar, the blissfulness, the satisfaction and happiness of being connected with the Original Cause.

Enjoy listening to, hearing and repeating these transcendental sounds. Bathe in the Transcendental Sound. Bathe your mind. Bathe your intellect. Bathe your heart. Bathe your entire being in this Transcendental Sound.

The more your intellect and mind and heart become cleansed by bathing in the Transcendental Sound, the more you begin to experience or feel the actual presence, the warmth, the love of the Supreme. And the more you begin to directly perceive that this Yoga Sound is my Best Friend. This Yoga Sound is the Supreme Refuge, the source of all pleasure and happiness, peace and fearlessness”. This Transcendental Sound is in fact the ocean of love.

You the spirit soul are in dire need of spiritual food, and the Original Cause is that spiritual food, the ocean of happiness, the ocean of blissfulness, the ocean of beauty and love. But you are separated now from this ocean of beauty, this ocean of love and happiness. It is like there are glass windows between you and the Original Cause that make it difficult to see beyond the mind and the intellect. But by hearing the Transcendental Sound, this Transcendental Sound acts to clear these windows of the mind and intellect. Transcendental sound gives me an inner depth of joy, bliss and peace which my soul is craving for, a prescription for everlasting happiness.