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Now what we would like to put forward here is the point of view that in fact, life is a distinct element from matter. That life is itself an energy that’s completely different from matter. It is not an offspring of matter. Life is life. Matter is matter. And these two distinct energies in the material world as we see it, sometimes interact and sometimes they do not. From this point of view, a life particle, a particle of life, sometimes called a spirit soul or the atma or a soul, this spark of life, this life particle we are proposing is, in fact, a distinct energy. And that there are innumerable such life particles. There are countless numbers of such life particles. And that the characteristic of this life particle is life, existence, eternality, and awareness. These are the natural characteristics of the life particle or spirit soul. Just like you can’t speak of water without also referring to wetness. You can’t have water without wetness. Similarly, when we speak of the life particle or the spirit soul we cannot separate it from awareness. We cannot separate it from existence and consciousness.

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Jagad Guru Chris Butler - founder of Science of Identity Foundation