-Summary of the Above Video-

A materialist believes that matter is the only energy that exists. So when he considers questions such as, “What is consciousness? What is life?”, he concludes that the answer must lie in some chemical construct. So in today’s materialistic society, people essentially believe that life is nothing more than a complex chemical arrangement.

We are taught from our very first science classes that originally there were simply material elements that went completely against the law of thermodynamics and became increasingly more complicated in structure. Gradually as the chemical arrangements became more complex they started to “wiggle”. Then these “wiggling” elements accidentally morphed into a one cell organism. The idea is that life originated from this primal cosmic soup and gradually evolved into more and more complex organisms.

There are many questions to ask about this theory. One question that is never asked is, “What is life? What do you mean by the word ‘life’?” The materialist has never defined the word life and therefore he actually has no definition for the word “death.”

So if life is a chemical composition, such as in the way that water is a chemical composition, then life should also have a material composition. If it doesn’t, then the definition of life as material doesn’t exist. Yet in any dictionary you will not find a chemical definition of life.

Jagad Guru Chris Butler - founder of Science of Identity Foundation