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Who are you? What is a person? Like most people, you’ve probably filled out all kinds of forms, answering questions about who you are. Institutions like hospitals or schools and oh, just about everybody is always asking who you are, okay? And they always give you these forms and you have this form that says, “What is your age? How old are you? What color are you?” And, you know, “What is…”, whatever other identities you’ve got, they want to know about them, okay. They want to know who you are. So you write down, “I’m 30 years old. I’m black. I’m a librarian. I’m female,” okay? All these different labels based upon your body, okay? Your body is 28 years old, so you say, “I’m 28 years old.” Your body’s black so you say, “I am black.” Or your body’s white, so you say, “I’m white,” okay. You have all these different labels on your body, okay. So when people ask you who you are, you answer according to these labels, right?

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Siddhaswarupananda - founder of Science of Identity Foundation