Selected articles from the magazine
Edited by Paramahamsa Paribrajakacharyya
Sri Srimad Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Maharaj
Published between 1927 - 1936

We are glad to notice that the higher spirits of the human Society after due deliberation have deemed it fit to establish harmony by dismissing the idea of contending with each other. At last the numerous streams of inhumanity that have filled up the cavity of the bloodthirsty ocean are forcibly going to be stopped by the generous humanitarian agency. This is an activity in the right direction to introduce the heavenly peace of love on mankind. The newspapers are flooded nowadays with the tidings of the future establishment of peace amongst belligerent nationalities. Misdirection of valour and wrong ambition lead men’s aspiring energy to unsympathetic tumults and the sequel proves to bar the future progress of true concord and harmony. The several powers are signing a wider Magna Charta to settle their disputed matter in a more civilised way than to indulge themselves in gunshots.

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