The Full Moon of the Advent of Lord Gauranga

As published in The Harmonist (Sree Sajjanatoshani)
Edited by Paramahamsa Paribrajakacharyya Sri Srimad Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Maharaj

MARCH 31, 1935

The last day of the out-going Gaura Era and its Significance: 30th Govinda corresponding to March 20, is the last day of the 448th Gaura Era. On the last day of the solar year, worldly minded people perform pious deeds so that they may pass a happy time in heaven. Not only that, they also try to anticipate the fruits of their holy deeds by amusing themselves with various kinds of entertainments. But the servitors of the 'Gaura Era' do not seek 'Dharma', 'Artha', 'Kama' or 'Moksha'. The desire for pleasure or piety, profit or pre-eminence cannot perturb the serenity of their minds. This is the reason why they, instead of wasting their time in childish pastimes, pass this auspicious day in Divine discourses by which alone Lord Gauranga, the Father of the congregational chanting of the Holy Name, is pleased. Lord Gauranga the Supreme Divinity has manifested Himself on the mundane plane as the Holy Name Who is identical with the Holy Form, i.e., He Himself is the Holy Name. Those pure souls who incessantly sing the praise of Lord Gauranga, always live at His Lotus Feet and nowhere else. The end of the solar year draws many a sigh of disappointment from the seekers after worldly enjoyments. In sharp contrast with this, the recurrence of the 'Gaura Era', which ever heralds the Advent of the most Benign Divinity, fills the hearts of passion-less loving devotees with unmixed joy. It does not point to unfulfilled hopes, but to the clarion call 'Back to God and back to Home' and to the ceaseless march of perennial love towards the Lotus Feet of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya.

What we learn from this Adventual Fullmoon: We welcome the Advent of the Supreme Lord Gauranga Whose Advent eclipsed the full moon on the Eve of His Birth. Lord Gauranga is the most perfect Divinity, as in Him is displayed the Mood of "Sree Radhika" the Divine Transcendental Sweetheart, concealing the Form of Krishna, the Transcendental Divine Lover. Just as the Golden Hue of Sree Radhika (Gaura) is superimposed on the Dark Hue of Krishna, the Adventual Tithis of these Lovers 'Krishnastami' and 'Suklastami' have been joined into the Glorious Tithi of the Fullmoon to effectually disperse the accumulated gloom of all the worlds.

The full moon with her silvery rays, the cuckoo with its melodious cooing, the Holy Saraswati with its soft murmur and the flower with its sweet smell, combine to reveal the transcendence of the Event through the redemptive power of the loud chanting of the 'Mahamantram' by the pure devotees singing the in honour of the Adventual Tithi of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya, Who, in His Mercy, has given all of us, 'Kali-ridden jivas' an assured chance of tasting of the nectar of Transcendental Love.

The prediction of Thakur Vrindabana Das: Thakur Vrindabana Das is the writer of "Sri-Chaitanya-Bhagabat" in which Book he has predicted that sages, who transcend the plane of three dimensions , will on a future date make 'Nabadwipdham' or 'Swetadwipdham' known to the world. Only those persons whose inner eyes have been opened by the grace of Godhead can see this 'Holy Dham' and none else. Of these venerable sages of the prediction of Thakur Vrindabana Das, the first to appear was Srila Jagannath Das Babaji held in esteem to all over Gauda Mandal, Kshetra and Vrajamandal, and the second is Srila Bhakti Vinode Thakur who-as the archetype of Bhagirath brought down to the earth the Ganges of pure devotion.

The years 400, 404, 408 and 448 of the Gaura Era have definite connection with the respective services rendered by those great seers for bringing about the reappearance of Sreedham.

400 Gaura Era: In this year Srila Bhakti Vinode Thakur received a Divine Injunction to the effect that Sree Viswa Vaishnava Raj-Sabha should be re-established and the Adventual Tithi of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya should be properly observed. Srila Bhakti Vinode Thakur, thereupon, published the 'Nabadwip-Panjika' and revived the Gaura Era, this very year.

404 Gaura Era: This year Srila Bhakti Vinode Thakur visited all the places of 'Nabadwipdham', collected full esoteric evidence, and published a book entitled, "Sri-Sri Nabadwipdham-mahatmya". He published three things in this book, viz.,(i) the dicta laid down by the 'Shastras', (ii) the statements of the Mahabhagabatas', and (iii) the direct Injunctions of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya.

408 Gaura Era: The ritualistic worship of the Divine Symbolic Form of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya in Sridham Mayapur was started this year.

444 Gaura Era: This year a Theistic Exhibition was opened at Sridham Mayapur to educate all benighted souls about the Transcendental Teachings of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya in pursuance of Sri Sri Nityananda Mahaprabhu's Mission for the establishment of the Universal Religion of Transcendental Love. A relief map showing all the regions up to 'Vaikunthadham' was prepared and exhibited.

448 Gaura Era: This is the present new year. A magnificent Temple has been built this year at 'Yogapitha' at Sridham Mayapur. And on the very site of the Advent of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya, the Divine Form of 'Adhokshaja-Vishnu' came up to the surface while the ground was being dug for laying the foundation of the Temple. The opening ceremony of the New Temple has been performed and the ceremonial worship of the 'Archa-Vigrahas' has begun.

The Advent Full Moon Tithi, its greatness: The Full moon Tithi of the Advent of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya, is the holiest of all Tithis. On seeing the Spotless Moon--Lord Gauranga--rising, the spotted moon hid its face under the pretext of an eclipse and the people unknowingly welcomed the Father of 'Srinam Samkirtan' by a loud universal chant. The light of the earthly moon disperses material darkness of this world; but the rays of the Spiritual Moon--Lord Gauranga-dispels the gloom of spiritual ignorance from the inmost hearts of all persons.

The Propagation of the Transcendental Teachings of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya: Sri Sri Nityananda has again appeared on this mundane plane in the activities of the Acharya and is trying to fulfil the prophecy of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya, "My Name will be spread all over the world". With this end in view, He has caused to be written a great many books and to be delivered innumerable lectures, has established numerous places of spiritual instruction, has uncovered to the view of the people the true sight of places of pilgrimage and re-established the spiritual worship of the Archa-Vigraha's. Thakur Bhakti Vinode Institute, founded at Sridham Mayapur, is offering indiscriminately to all persons the knowledge of the theory and practice of the Transcendental Teachings of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya. Two Sanyasi preachers Tridandiswami Srimad Bhakti Pradip Tirtha Maharaj and Tridandiswami Srimad Bhakti Hriday Bon Maharaj, have undertaken to propagate in Europe the Divine Message of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya. Rich men whose hearts have been touched by the Grace of God have built beautiful temples and lecture-halls at Sridham Mayapur. The Divine Message of Lord Gaurasundar is being spread through daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly periodicals consecrated to this great purpose.

A great ruling chief, His Highness the Maharaja of Tripura, the President of 'Sri Nabadwipdham-Pracharini-Sabha', has been attracted to honour Sridham Mayapur, on the first day of the New Year in order to perform the service of opening the New Temple. Sripad Sakhi Charan Roy Bhakti-vijoy, who has built the 'Bhakti-vijoy Bhawan' for the Acharya, has erected the magnificent Temple on the Birth-site of the Lord, of 'Sri Yogapitha'. It is due to his pure serving zeal that electric lights and telephones are being installed for the service of the holy cause of propagating the Transcendental Teachings of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya From Sridham Mayapur. O most Auspicious Full Moon Tithi of the Advent of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya! We offer You our most cordial welcome ; be pleased to bless us that we may always serve You and give You due honour.